Exclusive holiday in Switzerland: Explore more here!
10 juni 2024 

Exclusive holiday in Switzerland: Explore more here!

Not sure where to go? We have the perfect exclusive destination ready for you. We are excited to tell you more about Switzerland. Besides the breathtaking mountains, there is so much more to do. What do you think about finding a cuddly sheep in the mountains while you're hiking? We have listed all the activities for you. Switzerland is perfect for both Winter and Summer. 

1. Rooftop Ride Zermatt and Furi

Since last November there has been a new aerial tramway between Zermatt and Fure. They have modern cabins with a float over the end of the village of Zermatt. Wherever you sit you can see the beautiful view of Matterhorn. You can visit the rooftop ride at the beginning of Summer 2024. For any questions you can reach out to us!

2. Go to the highest alpine garden in Europe

Let yourself be amazed by the unique flora and vegetation of the Gornergrat Alpine Garden. The garden is around 2,800 meters above sea level offering breathtaking views. You will be close to the Matterhorn, Tiffelhorn and Riffelsee. In the alpine garden some plants grow larger than in other areas. There are QR codes that help you learn more about the flora. The flower season is mainly in June and July. Would you like to book to see the beautiful flower area? Book here now.

3. Meet the sheep
Every Summer on the Gornergrat the herd of black-nosed sheep will be grazing on the terrain. Wherever you are on the mountain, as soon as the herd enters the Gornergrat terrain, you can see them in the wild. You can locate the woolly sheep using GPS localization. The Meet the sheep thema trail which named first herd of black-nosed sheep will be renamed the Matterhorn View Trail this summer. Want to cuddle some soft sheeps? Book here now!

4. Journey to the Gornergrat
For an unforgettable experience you can book the NostalChich Class to the Gornergrat. You will get in a nostalgic carriage with a cozy interioir and excluisve ambiance. It has also window seats for breathtaking views from Zermatt to Gornergrat. The experience will lead you through the day trip with exciting stories from a local guide. There are culinary highlights from the region and several stops for unique photos. At the end of the trip you can buy a souvenir to end your special day trip!

5. Plenty of choice: four restaurants, all in one place
The Schweizerhof terrace is going to be transformed into the ultimate chill-out spot. This is perfect for people who want to experience the authentic and luxury moments with culinary delights. Inspire yourself by the table grill from the Cheese Factory. Besides that there is a restaurant with flavors of Peru in La Muna. Or are you more fan of the Japanese kitchen? Restaurant Myoko will give you the experience with rolls and makis. Want to make a choice where you can dine? Book your trip to Switzerland with us!

Hopefully you've already made an activities list for your trip to Switzerland. There's something for everyone so don't worry about that. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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