Discover the luxury in South Tyrol: From Michelin-Starred Hotels to Private Alpine tours
14 juni 2024 

Discover the luxury in South Tyrol: From Michelin-Starred Hotels to Private Alpine tours

Looking for luxury and nature? South Tyrol is the perfect destination for you! We're excited to share some tips with you including beautiful luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants. For the art lovers we have some wonderful gems as well. The first is to experience the magic of South Tyrol with an unforgettable stay at one of its luxury hotel or in a private hut. You can get guided by a Dutch mountation guide from Tirol Outdoor Experience. Click the link to know more about staying in a prive hut!

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Luxury hotels located in South Tyrol

Hotel My Arbor: This hotel is a luxurious place nestled in the beautiful landscape of South Tyrol. This unique hotel offers a modern design that gives a welcoming atmosphere for you. With the luxury rooms and suites there is also a Michelin-starred dining available with a range of wellness facilities. The wellness includes a spa and outdoor pool. If you're looking for luxury and relaxation, then book your night here!

Hotel Forestis: Hotel Forestis is an incredible mountain retreat located in the heart of the Dolomites. This is a unique boutique hotel that has a lot to offer. Each spacious suite has a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains so that it feels like you're in the middle of the mountains. The hotel includes a gourmet cuisine at the restaurant. They have the finest local ingredients and culinary traditions of the region. After a busy day of outdoor adventures you can relax at the wellness. They have saunas and steam bath where you can relax.

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Luxury hotels with a Michelin-starred restaurant

Hotel Castel Fragsburg, Merano: 
This hotel is a luxurious and historic retreat located high above Merano in South Tyrol. The hotel has an excellent service, a romantic ambiance and beautiful rooms and suites designed with a blend of classic charm. You can indulge yourself in the Michelin-starred restaurant which features gourmet cuisine made with the finest local ingredients.

Hotel Castel: 
Hotel Castel is a gem in Merano. This luxury hotel is known for its exceptional service and breathtaking views. The Michelin-starred restaurant serves gourmet dishes which highlight the tradition of South Tyrol.

Hotel Aman Rosalpina: Aman Rosalpina is located in the Alta Badia region. It is a luxurious alpine retreat that has the elegance with refined design. Aman Rosalpina has a three Michelin-starred restaurant where chef Norbert Niederkofler presents a culinary journey through a lot of flavors.

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For the art lovers

Hotel Turm Oberbozen: For art lovers, Hotel Turm in Völs am Schlern, is the place to go. This unique hotel has his own history, art and luxury that creates an inspiring atmosphere. The hotel features some artistic touches which feel aesthetically to stay in. They also offer exceptional dining experiences and a relaxing spa with stunning views of the Dolomites. This makes the perfect combination of art and nature.

Parkhotel Holzner: Parkhotel Holzner in Oberbozen is another excellent choice for art lovers. The historic hotel combines traditional alpine architecture with modern luxury flair. The hotel owns a Michelin star and a Green Star for sustainability. You can enjoy the wellness facilities including a spa, indoor and outdoor pools with views of the landscape. This hotel is the perfect combination of art, culture and sustainability!

Hopefully you found something wonderful in our selection of luxury hotels. But this is not everything. Want to know if there are other destinations? Contact us and we'll help you!

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