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Indyque Travel specializes in curating bespoke and luxurious journeys, extending across the globe.

Our exclusive partnerships are reserved solely for top-tier hotels, and our esteemed local collaborators consistently deliver unparalleled service. We invest substantial time and effort into nurturing our relationships and meticulously inspecting accommodations to ensure they meet our discerning clientele's elevated standards.

Distinguishing our offerings from conventional travel agency packages, our commitment to excellence compels us to go beyond conventional expectations for our clients.

Consciously aligning with only the most exceptional entities, our crafted journeys start at €500 per person per day (inclusive of flights, transfers and accommodations) and begin at €750 per person per day for completely tailored experiences from start to finish.

Intake fee

Every itinerary we design is entirely bespoke, a process that demands considerable time and effort, prompting the introduction of nominal intake fees.

For new clients, the initial trip incurs a fee of €150.

Returning clients benefit from a reduced fee of €100.

It is important to note that these charges are applicable only in the event that the proposed journey is not booked.

Custom Trip Process:

Step 1: Completion of the detailed inquiry form.

Step 2: Personal engagement with one of our esteemed Personal Travel Designers to comprehensively discuss and understand your preferences, thereby facilitating the curation of your ultimate vacation.

Step 3: Reception of a preliminary proposal via email, affording you an initial glimpse into the potential experiences. Following your feedback, we refine the concept and provide access to a personalized mini-website containing comprehensive information.

Step 4: Subsequent contact with your designated Personal Travel Designer to discuss the proposal, incorporating any desired adjustments. Upon complete satisfaction, you may proceed to book your journey directly through the mini-website.

Step 5: Anticipation and enjoyment as you embark on a tailored journey of distinction.

Specialist in exclusive travel

Luxe vakantie in Europa geheel op maat gemaakt


Your travels are tailored to your wishes. Additionally all the trips can be extended with private flights, luxury transfers and more.
Luxe reizen naar Europa met conciërgeservice


Concierge service for   restaurant reservations, activities and tickets. We are always available for questions: before, during and after your holiday. 
Expert in luxe reizen binnen Europa

Travel Experts

We are experts in the organisation of worldwide exclusive travel. We have an extensive network in luxury travel worldwide.
Duurzame luxe reizen boek je bij Indyque Travel


We take the climate seriously. Every trip is therefore automatically compensated by us via Trees for All.