Luxury Yoga Retreat South Tyrol

Me-time, relaxing and letting your energy flow

Guaranteed departure

18.05 - 23.05.2023

Adults Only Hotel

maximum 12 participants

Beginner Friendly

for all levels

Make time for YOUrself and return regenerated

Whilst the sun is rising, we will enjoy this beautiful natural wonder with a sunrise yoga session. Enjoy the sound of this? Keep on reading!  

This retreat will be held in the theme of spring. The winter gave you the opportunity to cocoon, get back into your shell and turn your gaze inwards. It possibly also helped you to decide what is good for you and what is not. And hopefully this time of introspection gave you answers to what direction you want to move, what choices you want to make and where you’re heading. With this yoga retreat we deepen these choices and manifest them.  

During the retreat we will work with our body and soul, in a soft way. We are going to enjoy the relaxation and getting closer to the silence within us.  

Often we think of relaxation as loosening the tension in our muscles, but during retreat we will go further than this. We search our body, we experience where energy possibly stagnates, or where muscles are tensed, where we have the feeling we block. We will work into the fascia, giving more space and movement to the body. Spring allows us to blow new and fresh energy through our body.  

The quality of me-time is to allow, accept and feel. Experiencing the space and silence to actually come to this point.  

Walking, wandering or hiking, all brings you the experience of slowness. Slowing down is a perfect way to experience the emptiness and space, clarity. Emptiness, the void, ‘nothing’; there is the point we find the core essence of our being, back to your true self. The clarity, the creativity, the energy to blow this new and fresh wind into our present life. Typical for spring is allowing the energy to flow.  

Make time for yourself, take the time and come back regenerated from this Ultra Luxe Yoga Retreat.

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experience in the travel industry




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What do you get?

  • Luxury yoga retreat in a beautiful 4-star superior Adults Only hotel in the mountains of South Tyrol 
  • 1-on-1 session with yoga teacher Stéphanie Simons
  • Relaxing and enjoying the more than 2.500 m2 wellness area
  • Different yoga sessions, pilates, breathwork and walks in silence
  • Excursions like hiking and forestbathing
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • 5 nights in a Nest Suite with views over the valley and the mountains
  • By the end of the retreat you will feel powerfull and reborn  

High in the mountains is where you come to rest

Mitoté Yoga en Movement

About Mitoté Yoga & Movement

Stéphanie Simons:
"My soul mission is to clear the path to your clarity.” Clarity, finding peace and stillness, like the moving water settling down after time. Calming down the mist we experience in our heads, also named the patterns, ideas, conditionings, ideas, habits, situations and experiences of our lives. Slowly calming down the fog. This brings you a deeper connection to your true self, in this physical body you have, connection to your inner child, and your whole being. I will guide you towards this experience, through bodywork, movement, hiking, yoga, breathwork and a holistic approach." 

This is what you can expect ...

2x daily yoga sessions

Yoga based on the hatha yoga form, we work with yin & yang energy. Yin energy gives you the softness, the feminine, the moon. Yang energy provides the active energy, the masculine, the sun. You will understand both Yin & Yang cannot live without each other.

Walking in silence & meditation

Pratyahara is known as the withdrawal of senses. We shift our focus inside. We judge less and we observe more. We observe the object, we can see it and even understand it but we do not necessarily want to influence it. Resulting in the best form of control we can have over our senses.


Purging and purifying the nadi’s with pranayama is a powerful way to stand in our line with prana, our life energy. With breathing exercises we become able to hold on to prana, we learn the mind to focus and getting for meditation. We awaken the spiritual powers within us, to bring us joy and love.

Sauna infusions

The spring water from the mountains hisses as it evaporates on the stones. The sauna master circulates the steam. Snowballs enriched with essential oils are used to control the heat. These scents seduce the mind. The infusion and heat revitalizes every cell in your body.


This handy pass gives free access to the cable cars and museums in the region as well as free travel on the entire public transport network of South Tyrol.
The BrixenCard is exclusively available for hotel guests and is valid from the day of arrival to the day of departure.


In addition to the daily yoga sessions, we also offer the opportunity to go into nature during a mountain hike. But also Qi Gong, Pilates, Tibetan rituals, fitness, forest bathing and, for example, mountain biking (bicycle rent not included) are among the possibilities.

Consult with Stéphanie

Consult (phone or video) prior to the trip with yoga teacher Stéphanie to determine what your experience is and what you want to achieve with this yoga retreat. So that you can go further into this in the 1-on-1 session.


My body is my temple, my soul my home. Here I cherish it. With flavors that stimulate my senses. With flavors that surprise me. With fine textures and exquisite delicacies. With food in the most beautiful, true sense of the word. The My Arbor is a fantastic gastronomic hotel in South Tyrol.

Excellent wellness

SPA Arboris is wellness inspired by the forest and its treasures. Revitalizing water, soothing warmth, soft steam, precious plant extracts and the care of the SPA team come together to form a beautiful whole on an area of 2.500 m². The four saunas, the swimming pool and the quiet oases overlooking the forest are the perfect retreat in arguably South Tyrol's most beautiful spa hotel.

BONUS: 1-on-1 holistic coaching session

Do you want to have a deeper conversation with your original self during this week in addition to yoga & meditation?
Then Stéphanie will guide you through this. Together you'll take the time for you, your wishes and feelings. Your limits and new ideas.

Give yourself peace and space to develop into your better self.

Do you have a feeling, emotion, thought, experience or physical complaint that you feel now and that comes back more often? And would you like to work on this?
Stéphanie will work with you, together you will figure it out by going even deeper into it.

Stéphanie guides you on your way, asks the questions, but you go inside your body yourself to discover what this wants to tell you.
Is it there for you? What does this feeling, this complaint want to teach you? What can you do with it? Can you release something?
Do you want to do that already? Then you do that together with the help of, for example, breathing exercises.

Do you need practical tools to change or adjust something in the near future? Trust the deepest part of yourself and the answer will come. Stéphanie takes the time with, and for, you so that you can take another step forward.

Nest Suite for two (2 people required)

The Nest Suites are all located on the south and are approximately 38 m2 in size. From the View Corner with large panoramic windows and the balcony you have a phenomenal view over the mountains and the valley of Val d'Isarco. Breathe in the scent of wood and pine and larch trees.
The Nest Suite gives a feeling of being at home. Here you feel safe. Here you can be who you want to be.
All suites are furnished with an extra long king-size bed (2.10 m). There is also a bathroom with a spacious walk-in shower.
€ 2.967,- p.p.
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Nest Suite (single-use)

The Nest Suites are all located on the south and are approximately 38 m2 in size. From the View Corner with large panoramic windows and the balcony you have a phenomenal view over the mountains and the valley of Val d'Isarco. Breathe in the scent of wood and pine and larch trees.
The Nest Suite gives a feeling of being at home. Here you feel safe. Here you can be who you want to be.
All suites are furnished with an extra long king-size bed (2.10 m). There is also a bathroom with a spacious walk-in shower.
€ 3.567,- p.p.
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- Frequently asked questions -

Q: Has this retreat guaranteed departure?

A: Yes. At the moment we have enough rooms available.

Q: Until when can I book this retreat?
A: This retreat can be booked until 01.05.2023

Q: What could make this trip be cancelled?
A: When after the closing term participants cancel, which results in too little participants, we need to cancel this trip. First we will contact all the remaining participants to have a look at what the possibilities are.
If this happens we will contact the remaining participants immediately. If, after talking to the remaining participants, we need to cancel the trip, you will get a full refund.

Q: Do I need to bring my own yogamat?
A: This is not necessary, for each participant we have yogamat which you can use during the retreat. If you wish to bring your own yogamat, that is also possible.

Q: What is not included in the price?

A: Booking fee a €35,- per booking, travel to and from the venue, contribution GGTO (Dutch Guarantee Fund €7,50 per person), drinks, spa treatments, tips and travel insurance.

Q: How can I travel to South Tyrol?
A: The hotel is located in Plose. We can help you organise the travel to the hotel. We can arrange for flights (closest airports are Innsbruck, Austria and Verona, Italy), travel by train or rental cars. If you wish to have a personal travel plan, let us know via the booking form and we will get in touch with you.

Q: Is this trip suitable for me?
A: You can always give us a call, text or mail. We are happy to advise and help. You can find our contact information here.

Q: What is the GGTO?
A: The GGTO is a Dutch fund which provides back-up in case Indyque Travel goes bankrupt. We are affiliated with the Garantiefonds GGTO with number 1613. The contribution of €7,50 per person is mandatory for all bookings.

Q: What if I want to cancel the trip?
A: If you want to cancel your trip, our cancellation conditions apply as stated in the Terms and Conditions.
It is always advisable to take out cancellation insurance.

Q: Can I also book travel insurance?
A: We only offer insurances via De Europeesche Verzekeringen. For guests outside of the Netherlands we recommend to ask your own insurance agency.

Q: What if I don't want to participate in a yoga session or other activity?

A: You are free to participate in the scheduled activities. If you don't feel like it, you can also enjoy the wellness in the hotel.

Q: Can I extend this trip with extra nights at the hotel?

A: Yes you can, depending on availability. You can let us know how many nights you wish to add prior or after the trip in the booking form.

Q: Can I also book other holidays with you?

A: Indyque Travel is specialized in tailor made travel in the luxury segment with destinations all over the world. Ask for the possibilities.

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